Decoration Methods

We offer a wide variety of unique decoration techniques to take your branding to a whole new level. Definitions and examples of some of the embellishment techniques we offer are listed below. Each product page on our website features the corresponding decorating methods that are available for that particular item.


HXD is a unique decoration method that creates a subtle pop from the product surface to give your logo a whole new dimension.

Click here to view in more information about HXD.

4-Color Process (aka Full Color)

Make a bold impact with a photo or four-color process artwork. This printing method works best with graphics that contain finer details such as halftones or gradients.  Full color printing also offers an expanded color range to capture the sharpness of the design.

Screen Printing

Available in single or multi-color, screen printing is a cost effective way to display a logo. Most often used for printing on soft goods such as apparel and bags, each color will require its' own screen when usig this imprint method.


With thread colors to match any logo, your logo can be reproduced via an embroidered design that is stitched directly onto a garment or product made from a soft fabric. With embroidery, cost is based on the stitch count rather than number of thread colors.

Epoxy Dome

Add dimension and shine to a one-color, multi-color or full color logo by placing it under a clear, high-gloss polyurethane dome. Epoxy dome decoration also offers great durability.


By etching artwork onto a surface, laser brings detailed decoration to virtually any product. An inexpensive way to achieve a high-end look.

Mixed Media

Mixed Media combines two decoration methods creating a high-impact look that uses laser etching beneath an embroidery, screen print or full color transfer overlay.

Hot Stamping

Color is hot stamped onto the product creating a slilght relief into the material.