Add A New Dimension

Introducing HXD, a unique branding method that creates a subtle pop from the product surface to give your logo a whole new dimension. If you’re looking for what’s trendy in retail, this is it.


From Backpacks To Polos

Available on everything from coolers, totes and backpacks to most of our apparel, HXD combines the best attributes of two methods – the surface interest and high perceived value of embroidery, and the exceptional detail, unlimited color and location versatility of transfer. And HXD is remarkably durable, as well. The adhesives have been tested to withstand everyday wear and tear, washing machines and dry cleaning.

Unique Finishes

With HXD, you can choose a standard finish, a metallic finish or even a combination of the two.

Specialty Finishes

Want an even bolder look for your brand? HXD specialty finishes enhance your logo with photo-realistic textures. Give an existing color a metallic luster with a specialty finish like gold, silver or chrome.


Texturing is yet another way to give your logo a one-of-a-kind look. Add subtle patterns like herringbone, dimpling or wavy lines to create enhanced visual appeal.

Freestanding And Mounting

Some logos present challenges, like small icons with tight spacing or think lettering. Our HXD designers assess those details, then create a solution. Minimal thickness and sufficient spacing are essential for a freestanding reproduction of small elements.

If a solution can’t be achieved by upsizing or subtle  modification, we can mount the logo in one of three ways – contouring it, defining it or cresting it.


The dimensioning process prepares your art for reproduction in HXD. Combining artistic design expertise and high-tech mechanical processes, there are three steps. Dimensioning is done by skilled designers who've been trained in the process, and there is an associated fee.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

First, decide whether you want a standard, metallic or specialty finish like gold, silver or chrome. Then send us your logo, and we’ll take care of the rest.

  1. Send us your vector art file.
  2. Choose a standard, metallic or specialty finish.
  3. We'll handle all of the rest.

HXD Image Gallery

HXD offers all new possibilities for your logo - including three unique finishes. Check out our image gallery for a closer look.



A Lot Of Products. A Lot Of Locations.

HXD is versatile – it can be applied to a lot of products in a lot of locations. Along with high-visibility locations on bags, it’s particularly well-suited for both traditional and accent locations on wovens, baseball caps, softshell jackets, polos and journalbooks.